A chance to visit 4 different beaches located in the southern Albanian coastline, Ionian Sea.
The daily agenda of the weekend tour is foreseen as follows:

Friday: Departure from White Tree (at 17:00)
Friday: Arrival in Vlora, Llogara (at 22:00)
Friday: Sleepover at a hotel located in Logara park
Saturday: 30 min morning drive to Gjipe beach, followed by Jala beach in the afternoon.
Saturday: Sleepover at a hotel in Himare.
Sunday: Morning boat trip to Krorez beach from Saranda, followed by Manastir beach in the afternoon.
Sunday: Departure to Prishtina from Sarande.

Your guides for the trip will be: Fation Plaku (AL) and Lorik Bokshi (KS).
Reservations required
Please make your reservation by sending an e-mail to: Lbokshi@gmail.com and/ or by phone:
+377 44 135 725. Please ensure to make your reservations one week in advance.

Recommended tour groups of 7 and/ or 15 persons.

130 euro / person


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