So, you decided to travel to Kosovo. You think you’re a tough one huh?

On this page we will try to inform you as much as we can about what you need to know since you decided to travel to Kosovo. Things such as how to come to Kosovo, what to do in Kosovo, border issues with Serbia, Visa requirements…

Kosovo has quite an easy visa regime. You can check this official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any info about your country:,102

Serbia! Well, there is a very stupid political issue with the border crossing to Serbia. But, no worries, you won’t be denied entrance to Serbia if you get a Kosovo stamp, there’s just other ways to get in to Serbia…

Case 1: You want to go directly from Kosovo to Serbia but you entered Kosovo from a different country instead of Serbia? You can’t do it with a passport!

Case 2:  If you can enter Serbia with an ID card (EU countries and some other countries that have agreements with the government of Serbia, you can check on their Ministry of Foreign Affairs website) you can enter from Kosovo without an issue. But you can’t show them your passport because then you have to turn back. The good thing is that you can still enter Serbia but you have to enter it from the other countries (Macedonia or Montenegro)

Case 3: The only way to enter Serbia if you enter Kosovo from another country is to go to Macedonia or Montenegro and then enter Serbia.

To make it more simple:

Country X – Kosovo – Serbia: No

Country X – Kosovo – Country X – Serbia: Yes

Serbia – Kosovo – Serbia: Yes

Serbia – Kosovo – Country X: Yes

P.S.: You don’t have to worry about having Kosovo stamps on your passport. When you go to Serbia they will either ignore them or they will stamp another stamp on the Kosovo stamp saying Canceled 🙂

OK. We are done with the border and visa issues. Now you’re thinking how is the best, fastest, most comfortable way to come to Kosovo.

Airplane: Of course, the best, fastest and most comfortable way to come to Kosovo is by Airplane. But is it expensive? For most of the places it is. But we’ve got some budget airlines operating now so you better coordinate some flights and get to Prishtina a.s.a.p.

  1. EasyJet started operating since March 2014 with first flights from Switzerland (Geneva and Basel) and after that added Berlin and Paris. So if you can get to these destinations it should be cheap to come to Prishtina.
  2. Wizz Air has been operating in Kosovo from April 2017 with their Budapest line and now it’s also flying to London too.
  3. Pegasus if you manage to be in Istanbul you can find cheap flights from Istanbul to Prishtina too!

Bus: All the main cities in the region have regular bus schedules to Prishtina so coming to Prishtina from neighboring countries is very easy and pretty cheap. For info on bus schedules you can check BalkanViator and search Pristina not Prishtina, and also our local website Gjirafa (which is in Albanian but with some Google translate it might work)


  1. There’s only one international train line coming to Prishtina and it’s from Skopje, once a day at 16:10 from the main train station.
  2. Train from Peja to Prishtina and the other way around is operating daily 2 times a day from 5:32 and 12:10. You can check the schedules on the Kosovo Railways website
  3. There is also a train from Kraljevo (Serbia) to North Mitrovica every day, 2 times a day from 6:40 and 14:45. You can check the schedules on Serbian Railways website

Car: Well, install some good navigation app and just follow the directions 😀 Roads are quite good in Kosovo so it’s easy to navigate and smooth driving. The only issue is that drivers are not very careful, so you have to check more often for wannabe Formula 1 drivers 🙂

The only thing that we can’t tell you is what you should do in Kosovo! Anyways, we can inform you at our reception with a nice beer or rakia or coffee, for a lot of things you can visit and do in Kosovo and especially in Prishtina.