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The Amazing Grama Tour – Albania!

Discover wilderness in Albania

90 EURO for a complete tour

Grama Bay is located in the South Albania, Ionian Sea. Its beauty exceeds any imagination limits. The only way to reach the wild deserted beaches is by boat. Your unique chance to visit two cities and four different beaches in the Southern Albania with an affordable price.

– Friday: Departure from White Tree (at 17:00)

– Friday: Arrival in Vlora, Llogora (at 22:00)

– Friday: Sleepover at a hotel located inside Llogora park

– Saturday: The early morning trip from Llogora to Dhermia beach

– Saturday: Boat trip to the Grama Bay from Dhermia beach

– Saturday: Tent sleepover at Grama

– Sunday: Hiking is possible from Grama Bay to the Bay of Saint Andrews (90 min’s walk)

– Sunday: Departure to Prishtina

The trip includes professional guide tours by: Fation Plaku (AL) and Lorik Bokshi (KS).

Reservations required.

Please make your reservation by sending an email to: and / or by phone: +377 44 135 725. Please make sure to make your reservation one week in advance.

Tours include groups of 7 and / or 15 persons.

Check out these amazing videos:
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Video 2

Video 3

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