The best hostel in Prishtina? Drawing from our hostel experiences while traveling, we decided to bring together the best of what we saw internationally with the well-known local hospitality. After much deliberation, we rented a ramshackle space with a dead tree in the middle. We painted it white, added colorful twinkling jar lights and we gave a life to the White Tree!

The freshly renovated hostel and inside bar are awaiting travelers from around the world. We have renovated all the bathrooms, added one more bathroom, changed the structure of rooms and now we offer:
Two private rooms with a double bed and a private bathroom, a twin private room with bunk beds. Instead of a 12 room that we had we now offer two 4 bed rooms and a 6 bed room.

Bunk beds, covered with fresh sheets, are made of steel, and mattresses are of the best quality! Clean towels are available for a symbolic price; meanwhile lockers are inside the rooms and ready to be used.
Internet is basically a human right in Kosovo so that is not an issue in our hostel; free Wi-Fi for everyone!
Although you will find cheap but mouthwatering tasty local food in Prishtina, we still don’t offer breakfast for our guests.
Our staff is committed to offer a warm, homely and friendly atmosphere during your stay.

The Terrace:
Oasis in concrete! A laid back friendly atmosphere topped with cold beer, fresh lemonade, a selection of coffee and tea, carefully selected music and cool people to hang out!

We try to work hard to accomplish the best experience for our guests

The right bed for the right guest.

Our handmade beds and mattresses are new. They’re big and comfortable for anyone.


Young staff

Our staff is 100% young, except some hard work that has to be done by more experienced people!

Cool staff

Always love feedback

Kosovars are known for being great hosts, why not give them some ideas for improvement

Don't be shy, talk to us


What about our volunteers?

You can always apply by contacting us

We pick the best volunteers!

Satisfied Guests
Cups of Steaming Coffee
Bottles of Rakia

Meet Your New Best Friends.

Arber Hoti
Arber HotiManager
Arber gets things done! He can help you organize tours and also help you get drunk. He runs the place and this is his second home.
Friendly 100%
Passionate 100%
Eldena Dakaj
Eldena DakajStaff
Eldena is the first female and the first curling player in Kosovo! She is also very friendly and happy to help with all the issues you have.
Funny 100%
Vegan 100%
Labinot Juniku
Labinot JunikuStaff
Labinot is a very hard working member of our home. He will wait with a very positive attitude and explain all the things that you need to have a great stay at our place.
Hard Working 100%
Positive Attitude 100%
Samedije Skeraj
Samedije SkerajStaff
Samedije keeps the place clean and tidy. Whenever you see clean and tidy sheets you know it’s Samedije.
Hard working 100%
Tidy 100%
Dren Ukmata
Dren UkmataOwner
Dren is a quiet and a friendly guy. Once you get to know him, he’ll inform you about a lot of things in Prishtina and Kosovo
Friendly 100%
Passionate 100%
Our cat has yet no name. We tried to find one but we call her Mac (which means cat in Albanian)
Cute 100%
Awwwwww 100%

Our past staff members

Hana Ukmata
Hana UkmataOwner
Hana is the owner of the best hostel in Prishtina! She is young, enthusiastic, fantastic!
She can help you with anything you need. She runs the place.
Friendly 100%
Communicative 100%
Hyperactive 100%
Gent Binxhiu
Gent BinxhiuThe Boss!
Gent or as we call him (Binxha/Binqa) is the all knowing and all helping guy. Officially he is managing the kitchen, but he does everything and anything!
Friendly 100%
Communicative 100%
Boss 100%
Diora Binxhiu
Diora BinxhiuStaff
Diora is the main interior decorator and social media manager of The White Tree. She runs our social media platforms and she manages the marketing on social media platforms
Creative 100%
Expert on Social Media 100%
Duki Cena
Duki CenaStaff
Duki is the nickname of Avdullah. He is a very open minded and socializing staff member. Duki listens to great music, so if you need some recommendations he is the guy to ask!
Positive 100%
Social 100%
Afrim Sheqiri
Afrim SheqiriChef
The mastermind of all the delicious edibles that you can try in our kitchen. Afrim has a very long experience as a chef in different restaurants and now is the main kitchen expert at our hostel.
Inovative 100%
Artist 100%
Driton Krasniqi
Driton KrasniqiStaff
Driton is a bartender and a cocktail master. He will make you smile very fast with the help of alcohol!
Hard working 100%
Creative 100%
Newi Spahiu
Newi SpahiuStaff
Newi is the newest member of The White Tree! He is a very positive guy, he makes great coffee and he also DJs as a hobby!
Active 100%
DJ 100%
Erblin Kadriu
Erblin KadriuStaff
Erblin works hard and tries to help everybody as much as he can.
Hard working 100%
Nice 100%
Ellmedina Shaipi
Ellmedina ShaipiStaff
Dina is a quite and very nice person. She is usually working on the bar but manages to help everyone.
Ambitious 100%
Quiet 100%
Lendi Mustafa
Lendi MustafaStaff
Lendi is one of our most hyperactive and sociable staff members.
Funny 100%
Hyperactive 100%
Armend Gorani
Armend GoraniStaff
Alle (as we call him) is usually everywhere. He helps with the bar and with other stuff that we need.
Nice 100%
Enthusiastic 100%
Mal Maliqi
Mal MaliqiStaff
Mal is a very funny guy, a hip hop lover and an hip hop artist. He is going to be famous one day!
Funny 100%
Artist 100%
Artan Gorani
Artan GoraniStaff
Talle (as we call him) is very open minded guy. He usually spends his days sleeping and his nights partying!
Cool 100%
Party Animal 100%
Ayoub Giobbe Mounim
Ayoub Giobbe MounimVolunteer
Ayoub is a great volunteer. He works too much and almost never sleeps. He wants to be a physician
Ambitious 100%
Hard Working 100%
Nicholas Becker
Nicholas BeckerVolunteer
Nick is the founder of The White Tree Lab. He made us continue working on this project and it’s because of him that The White Tree Lab started it’s journey.
Inventor 100%
Helpful 100%
Sami Podvorica
Sami PodvoricaStaff
Sami is a very hyperactive and friendly guy. He also plays guitar and know a lot of people! He can help you socialize with everyone.
Hyperactive 100%
Social 100%
Enes Aliu
Enes AliuStaff